We are a creative homeschooling family of 3. I have homeschooled my 2 boys from the start and we do lots of unit studies and get out into our beautiful part of the world as often as we can.
As the boys are getting older and we are getting busier I find I am posting less about our journey but will continue to update occasionally.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Illuminated letters- Book of Kells

The Book of Kells, a 9th century illuminated manuscript of the gospels,
and it is so intricate and beautiful.
Letters and pages are decorated with fantastic creatures, angels, and religious figures, outlined in brilliant colors of blue, green, red and white, yellow .

The boys and I did illuminated letters inspired by
the Book of Kells before we went away to camp.
I am trying to catch up on our blog,
we are far too busy making art and coping with the heat to blog about it lately.


Kez said...

Great job! We saw the real one in Dublin - apart from it being hard to get near it for the people, it was awe-inspiring!

Louise said...

Wow Kez, that would have been fantastic! I would love to see it. All of Ireland really :-)