We are a creative homeschooling family of 3. I have homeschooled my 2 boys from the start and we do lots of unit studies and get out into our beautiful part of the world as often as we can.
As the boys are getting older and we are getting busier I find I am posting less about our journey but will continue to update occasionally.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Unit Study SPACE

Next week we are starting a new term, it will be our third term so far this year and we are donning our astro suits and heading out into space.

I am collecting resources at the moment and am going to share them here.
Web Sites-

David Reneke is one of Australia’s most well known and respected astronomers and lecturers, with over 40 years experience in astronomy.
This site was passed on to me from my Mum- thanks Mum, and has lots of great resources, links and a news letter.

Astronomy for kids
this one looks good for Mr6

Sydney Observatory
link for monthly skymap for the southern hemishpere

Southern Sky Watch
providing a monthly and yearly overview of what is happening out there.

Sky and Telescope Magazinewebsite for the magazine of the same name, loads of info here on all sorts of topics, tune up your telescope , news, astrophotography, etc, lots of great stuff including Stargazing with Galileo that is one I know my 2 will enjoy.

Nasa Kids Club has games and activities online

Star Child a learning centre for young astronomers, lots of resources here for teaching.

Amazing Space this one is built around the Hubble Space Telescope and has lots of info and teaching resources as well, including some pretty impressive graphic organisers for all of those lap book fans out there.

Kids Astronomy
a fun site from the kidsknowit network
Places to Go

Australian Telescope Array at Narrabri Observatory

Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium
In the Brisbane botanic gardens, Mt Coot-tha

Mt Kent Observatory near Toowoomba in Queensland

Mt Stromlo Observatory Canberra

Siding Springs Observatory near Coonabarabran, and the wonderful Warrumbungles

More links

The Science Spot lots of space links

Squidoo Amateur Astronomy lens

and some for my history fan

Astronomy History

History of Astronomy - loads of interesting links here

Ancient astronomical tools- ask an astrophysicist


DK Astronomy

Astronomy by Dan Green

Of Numbers and Stars the story of Hypatia

Astronomy for Begginers

A childs intro to the night sky

We have taken the telescope to be fixed, printed out the sky maps and now I need to gather all the space books onto the homeschool bookshelf and hang up new posters.

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Kez said...

Cool! Look like some great links there - I'll bookmark your list to come back to!