We are a creative homeschooling family of 3. I have homeschooled my 2 boys from the start and we do lots of unit studies and get out into our beautiful part of the world as often as we can.
As the boys are getting older and we are getting busier I find I am posting less about our journey but will continue to update occasionally.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Clarence Valley Wanderings

Life has been so busy here this year.
We had no Internet for a month
and it is proving very difficult
to get back into a routine online.
So my blog and my much loved forums
The Rockpool Homeschool
and Liberated Learning
are sadly taking a back seat at the moment.
Now that we have broadband,
the boys are spending hours online!
Mr11 is doing year 7 on Skwirk
just to fill in any gaps I might have left out.
Mr6 is still doing Reading Eggs
and also has a Skwirk subscription
so the computer is working hard.

We have been out and about
We took a trip to Angourie for World Wetlands DayVisiting both Blue Pool and Green Pool.The boys were thrilled to spot some Brolga's
in a harvested cane field just south of LawrenceThey flew right over usWe have been having so much rainsince we watched Mary Poppins
walks under umbrellas,
have been very popular,
often accompanied by a tune.

chim chiminey ....
and the sky has been magical.


Ven. Yeshe said...

Is there a HEA discount for skwirk? I have just joined (the HEA) and am looking forward to some discounts! :)

Kez said...

Gorgeous photos!

(Word verification - nothump??!)

Louise said...

Yeshe, there was a discount up till the end of Feb, I would give them a call.

Thanks Kez, and I am very anti violence so I geuss nothump sums it up.