We are a creative homeschooling family of 3. I have homeschooled my 2 boys from the start and we do lots of unit studies and get out into our beautiful part of the world as often as we can.
As the boys are getting older and we are getting busier I find I am posting less about our journey but will continue to update occasionally.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ancient Roman Art

Mr10 is a history nut
and simply does not want to move
through these ancient periods too quickly,
so we visited Ancient Rome today and had a try of mosaics.
We used coloured paper cut into small squaresand impasto gel with some paint added for grout.
It was a lot more involved than the boys thought it would be,
and took a good while to get throughbut they were very proud of the finished resultand they look great.
I do my own works beside themso I am not tempted to 'help' them too much,
it also smooths out any ruffles that might happen
and inspires them to stay focused and work well.
And I don't want to miss out on all the fun.


JoMo said...

Wonderful way to teach with you working side by side. Also: your walking frog on the sidebar is fantastic & cool!

Kez said...

They look great! Everytime I read your blog I wish my boy had the patience to sit and do stuff like that!!

Louise said...

Thanks JoMo, and thanks for dropping in.

Kez- give him time he is still so little, do lots of things with him and accept all those ufos that will accumulate- we have mountains of ufos, (unfinished objects)I only share the finished ones.