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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Miss Meggy RIP 30.9.09

My darling little boy Mr6 lost his best mate today.
Miss Meggy his very adored dobermann was bitten by a red belly black snake.
When we got home yesterday we found a dead snake in front of the house, it was obvious Meggy had killed it, we also found one she had killed a couple of weeks ago. I looked at her and she seemed fine, the boys and I talked about ways we could protect the snakes and other wildlife from Meg, we didn't think she had been bitten.

By this morning it was horribly obvious and she was too far gone for any veterinary assistance, so after lots of tears and talk we asked one of our local farmers to put her out of her misery.My 2 gorgeous little boys had to come to terms with one of life's big issues and it was very very sad. We dug her a grave and sang her songs, covered her in flowers, Mr6 gave her, her beloved ball. We showered her in tears, and covered her with our soil, her grave is by the banana grove where she died. Our lovely farmer offered to take her away and bury her, but the boys wanted to keep her here.We spent the day talking about her.
She has had a hard life our darling Miss Meggy.

When we got her she didn't even know what a pat was, but we soon retrained her and she became a cuddle monster, always after a pat and a cuddle, but her favourite thing was to chase her ball, and didn't we go through some balls in her short time with us. When she was our dog she learned about love and trust and she gave back what we gave her tenfold. The boys could do anything to or with her and she just loved being part of the gang, camping in the yard, picnics in the garden , walks at the river, romps in the paddock.
She has had time in her past when she missed out on food, so we kept a bucket full of dry dog food for her at all times, along with fresh water, and always gobbled any extras we gave her quickly just in case someone else might get them. She enjoyed left over breakfast cereal most mornings, she loved to eat the fruit off the trees in the garden alongside the boys, oranges and lemons could also do double duty as a ball if her ball was temporarily lost. The mulberries have been popular of late, and still retained a purple red tinge at the end of her digestive cycle.

We are grateful for the time we spent with you Miss Meggy
Grateful you came to know the love of our family and that you had a secure and happy home with us.
We miss you lovely girl.


Kez said...

Oh that is so sad :( My heart hurts for you all :(

adam said...

That's a beautifully written tribute and summary of the short time Meg shared our lives. I'm sharing my tears as I write this.

Joanne said...

Oh no, you poor things. I know just how their young hearts will breaking and yours too, for Miss Meggy and also for your boys.
She was obviously blessed to have a second chance with your family and to know love and true companionship.
Heartfelt sympathy,

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about Miss Meggy. I'm glad she had such a great life with you with you all, however brief. RIP Miss Meggy

With love to you all from Kathy (trp)

Pamela said...

Dear Mr 6, I share your sadness. Its a lot for a little boy to cope with. Believe it or not in time you will be able to look back in total gladness at the fun and love you shared together. Luv from Mrs 66 (Nan)gy

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this sad story. I really feel for the boys, and you...though I am so pleased that Miss Meggy lived the best part of her life once she joined your family. Your burial ceremony (although heartbreaking) also sounds quite special and fitting. I think it's a good thing she is buried near the banana tree, in the home where she was so obviously loved.
Will be thinking of you all,
Debs xo

Anne said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happen to Miss Meggy.
A beautiful tribute that you wrote for her...Looks like she had a very good life with you and your Boys.
RIP Miss Miggy

My next door neighbour told me the other day, that last Summer there had been some red bellies black snakes slithering across my front yard.

The Magic Onions said...

Aah, Louise, I'm so sorry for you and your boys. How terribly sad! And worse for you to loose her and have to see your boys go through such horrid loss. I also shared a tear for Miss Meggie and know that it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
Blessings and magic to you and your precious boys.

Louise said...


For your support and your care at this time. I really appreciate it and so do the boys.